It’s been years since I’ve actively maintained my personal website. Life gets busy and it’s easy to forget to keep ones own house in order. A professional web presence is incredibly important, especially for people building digital products and spending most of their working life online.

We, the digital workers of the world, spend so much time creating solutions for problems we find in the world and oftentimes forget to document the journey. Granted, what one creates to solves problems becomes the important part, but sharing how one creates is useful to other creators. Therefore, this website is meant to be a record of interesting tips, tricks, and techniques I’ve used to help solve people’s problems.

As a technologist and entrepreneur I’m interested in sharing information that truly runs the gamut along a spectrum of topics. From deep technical details, practical aspects of running a business, and everything in between. Effectively navigating the interdependencies and details is where we find better outcomes for our businesses and customers.

Building a technology business is challenging and rewarding. I believe there has never been a better time to be both a technologist and entrepreneur. We all benefit from the incredible abundance of platforms, tools, and knowledge available to us.

I hope you find my musing useful and perhaps entertaining at times. And I wish to learn from your unique insights as well. Please feel free to reach out!


Jordan Fowler